Evolution Problems: Facts That We Were Never Taught in School

Discover the scientific problems and the facts that you were never taught at school … and have been censored from textbooks, evolution books, PBS specials, etc. throughout our nation. They simply refuse to publish anything that contradicts the theory of evolution. (Continued below video)

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It is true that the precious gems and minerals are often buried well beneath the surface of the earth. The real scientific facts regarding the theory of evolution are no different. So I, a former school teacher, have decided to point out some of these ‘hidden gems’.

Some would respond, “You are not a scientist. You do not have the credibility to do this.

Well, I would agree that I am certainly no ‘expert’. But if I (a mere teacher) can come up with these facts, why couldn’t have the ‘expert scientists’?

Well, they can’t. (If a scientist or teacher or professor points out a scientific flaw with their theory, chances are, they will lose their job … even if they are staunch evolutionists.)

And to be honest, these facts are not original with me. I have gathered the information from those that are more knowledgeable in their area of expertise. I have taken information from ‘rogue’ scientists, professors, authors etc.

In fact, I use videos from some of these ‘rogues’. (Some of the videos will include a small amount of ‘theological’ information because they integrate their faith with their science … but the main purpose of all of the videos is to point out the scientific flaws of the theory.)

Evolutionists have ‘the bully pulpit’ these days. After all, the best way to win any debate is simply to eliminate the opposition. And this is precisely what has happened in ‘the public arena’.

If anyone is to counter this “state doctrine’ of evolution, it must be done through ‘underground methods’.

If you are content with believing this ‘state doctrine’ of evolution and the dozens of ‘facts that support evolution’ … but have been disproved decades ago, then this blog is not for you. School textbooks, National Geographic, PBS specials on evolution, etc. are your best sources. These will be easy for you to find.

If you would like to know ‘the rest of the story’ and be truly surprised and even stunned at the facts that you were never taught in school, then this blog should ‘fit the bill’.

P.S. I would read the blog posts from top to bottom (On side of page) because the information builds on previous post information.

(To be continued in next post)