The Geological Column

One of the charts that seems to be one of the ‘icons of evolution’ is The Geological Column.

In this chart, we see the order that evolution was supposed to have occurred.

This shows the ‘simpler forms of life’ at the bottom of the chart with more complex forms in the middle (including dinosaurs) with the most complex (mammals and humans) being at the very top of the chart.

The Geological Column


But this chart has ‘run into serious problems’ over the last few decades. Upon investigation it has been discovered that this ‘geological column’ exists nowhere in the world. Not even close. Less than half of the geological column exists anywhere in the world (The Grand Canyon is probably the most complete column in the world.

But even worse (for evolutionists) is the fact that layers are actually out of order … throughout the entire earth. Younger layers are below layers that are supposed to be much older.

But it still gets worse. Literally scores of fossils are found in every single layer that should be found in other layers. For instance, human fossils/artifacts are found in all of the layers, including The Cambrian layer … the ‘oldest layer’.

One of the assumptions that Darwinists make is that evolution came about by slow natural processes that continue through to the present day (They do admit now that there has been some kind of catastrophe somewhere in the past).

But this causes a serious problem for evolutionists. The geological column (not the chart, but the actual layers of the earth) are formed from water. They are sedimentary rock, But no sedimentary rock is being formed today, except in flood conditions such as the flood at Mt. St. Helens after the volcano erupted.

Soil is produced at a slow rate, but not sedimentary rock. If the same processes are being carried out today, why is there no sedimentary rock being formed ‘as it did in the past’.

The ‘geological column’ (the charts we find in books) is a good story to show the order of evolution. But it has been exposed as being nothing more than fiction. It only shows how the layers should be if evolution were true.